Call for Interviews

Do you know a woman who broke new ground?  Perhaps you are just such a person yourself. This winter I will be interviewing women who were the first in their field.  I am looking for women from all walks of life that are willing to share their experiences about what it was like to be the first woman to step into a previously all-male world or to blaze a new trail altogether. Whether she became a plumber, a preacher, an assembly-line worker, or a neurologist, the interviews will explore what motivates people who plunge forward when all signs point to “no.”

For so long, I have felt an overwhelming gratitude for women who broke the earliest gender barriers.  I continue to be grateful for women who do this today.  I will publish some of the interviews on this blog or elsewhere. I will prepare others for the personal use of the women themselves.  If you know a woman who meets the criteria below, please leave me a comment on this blog with your contact info.  I will not publish the comment, no one else will see your information.


  • The woman may be of any age—I recognize that we are continuing to break barriers.
  • She does not need to be the first woman ever to have broken the barrier, but should be the first in a given area.  For example, a “first female mechanic in Toledo” is acceptable.  She does not have to be the first female mechanic ever for all locations.
  • I can conduct interviews in English and easily arrange for interviews in Spanish.  If the person to be interviewed speaks another language, please let me know that so I can begin looking for a translator.
  • The woman may be of any political background.  I understand that many groundbreaking women are opposed to or indifferent to feminism.
  • To suggest a person to interview, you may comment on this blog.  I will not publish the comment or share your personal information without your permission.

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