For my new year’s resolution, I decided to make 15 recipes that I have collected over the years, but never got around to trying. I let my readers pick which 15 I should try. Vegan sausage just barely made the cut, but not before being derided by a few folks on my facebook page. I had actually been wanting to try this recipe for awhile, so it launched my new year’s effort. I was quite happy with the results and I imagine I will add this to my somewhat regular repertoire.

The recipe (from Recipe Binder on facebook):
Prep time: 1 hour, cooking time 10 minutes.
1/2 C cooked pinto beans, rinsed and drained and mashed
1 C. cold vegetable broth
1 Tbl. olive oil
2 Tbl. soy sauce
2 cloves minced garlic
1.25 C wheat gluten
1/4 C nutritional yeast
1.5 tsp crushed fennel seed
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp dried oregano
Optional: sage, apple, or liquid smoke

Get a steamer ready and heating up. Mix all the ingredients in the order given. Divide dough into 5-6 pieces and place in sall squares of tin foil. Shape the dough pieces into log shapes about 5 inches long and then wrap them up in the foil Place them all in the steamer for 40 minutes. When they come out they are ready for grilling.

My experience with the recipe:
I was impressed at how easy this recipe was! When you buy fake sausage in the store, there are all kinds of chemical names in the list of ingredients, so I imagined that making them come out okay in a home kitchen would be highly complicated, but everything came together nicely. I had meant to cook the pintos myself, but forgot to soak the beans the night before. Instead, I used some canned refried beans that had some green peppers in it. I did not use any of the optional ingredients. The only difficulty I had was that the sausages wanted to stick to the grill. I solved the problem by basting them with olive oil. I grilled up some onions and mushrooms to accompany them. The only down side to my meal was the store-bought brat buns.

I did have to go to the store to pick up the fennel, paprika, and oregano, but I will use them in other cooking. I imagine that for many households, the wheat gluten and nutritional yeast are not in ready supply. I tend to think you could omit the nutritional yeast if you wanted.


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