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A Story of Drive

February 4, 2011

My most recent short story, “Drive,” has just been published by Inwood Indiana Press. (You’ll need to scroll down to just below the first poem to see it–it will also be available later in the year as part of a paperback anthology.) This is the story of two single parents, each of which has a son determined to make something of himself. When one makes a terrible choice, both families find themselves navigating each others’ flaws, virtues, and desires.


Confessional Prose

December 15, 2010

My short story “Confessional” has just appeared in Damazine–an international literary magazine dedicated to exploring facets of the Islamic world.

When an Egyptian man is imprisoned for an act of terror he did not commit, he must decide whether to trust the disembodied voice he has been hearing for years. Is it Satan? Is it God? Is it nothing more lofty nor lowly than insanity? The answer may lie in the reader’s perspective–though of course I have my own view on the matter. Click here to read the story.

New Fiction

November 16, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “A Question of Timing” is appearing in the Midwest Literary Magazine’s new anthology, Bearing North. It is available in print or you can read it online here. (My story starts around page 220, but lots of other great stuff in there too!)

Short Story Debut

October 1, 2009

13th Warrior Review has just published one of my short stories, you can find it here.

I wanted to write this piece as a way of showing how war brings out the worst in all of us, whether we are on the battlefield or not, but I also wanted to avoid heavy-handedness that would drive away those who don’t share my beliefs.  I hope this piece stands alone as an exploration of one person’s flaws and coping mechanisms without obscuring my larger purpose.